Sustainable floating offshore energy in Scotland

Powered by clean energy

Stromar is a floating offshore wind farm development off Caithness in northern Scotland, around 50km east of Wick. Generating up to 1GW of power it will be one of the world’s largest floating offshore wind farms. That’s enough clean, green energy to power close to *one million homes.

Stromar is a joint venture between Ørsted, BlueFloat Energy and Renantis.

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Working In Partnership

The project is led by a consortium combining Ørsted’s unparalleled expertise in developing and building offshore wind farms, BlueFloat Energy’s unique experience in floating wind projects and Renantis’ strong track record of community engagement in Scotland and global renewable energy project development.

Since pioneering the first ever offshore wind farm in 1991, Ørsted has developed and built more offshore wind projects than any other company in the world. Its engineering, procurement, construction, and installation experience is second to none. Ørsted has 12 operational offshore wind farms in the UK powering nearly 7 million UK homes a year and providing around 7% of the country’s electricity.

BlueFloat Energy is developing offshore wind projects around the world. Its team brings together great expertise in the design, development, financing, construction and execution of offshore wind projects. BlueFloat Energy is supported by 547 Energy, the Quantum Energy Partners’ platform dedicated to clean energy investments.

Renantis (formerly Falck Renewables) has been delivering renewable energy since 2002 and has a global portfolio of 1,420 MW in operation. Sustainability is part of Renantis’ DNA, creating shared value for all stakeholders, safeguarding and enhancing the environment in which they operate and building relationships with communities.

Maximising the value of offshore wind

Empowering Local Communities

We intend to include genuine community involvement and ownership for the first time ever in an offshore wind development. We are currently working in partnership with community ownership experts Energy4All to investigate the options for Scottish communities to benefit from offshore wind.

Local supply chain opportunities

Scotland has the potential to develop a globally competitive supply chain for floating offshore wind which could see Scottish companies delivering projects right across the globe, much in the same way as the oil and gas supply chain has for decades.

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*The equivalent number of homes is calculated by: Wind farm installed capacity (in MW) multiplied by the number of hours in one year (8,760) multiplied by the average load factor for offshore wind (being the average load factor for offshore wind over the last three years of data published within the Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics, BEIS, 2022), divided by the average annual household energy consumption (being the average annual household energy consumption over the last three years of data published within Energy Consumption in the UK 2022, BEIS, 2022).

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